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Domestic Market

HAMKO is not just a brand, it’s a life style. HAMKO is a popular brand name in Plastic & Cookware sector. HAMKO plastic is one of the largest producers in Bangladesh, having approximately 30% of local market share. HAMKO is the leader in Cookware having a market share of approximately 20%. HAMKO is a trusted name in the cookware & plastic sector and demand of its products are increasing significantly because of high quality and longevity. HAMKO has taken initiatives to increase the cookware production capacity to meet the increasing demand of the market stabilizing aluminum factory in the name of ANJIN Metal Industries. It is a proved fact in the market that HAMKO cookware lasts longer than other cookware which is a testament of superior quality.

Local Market Share(Plastic)
Local Market Share(Cookware)

International Market

Over the years, HAMKO has internationally established itself as a reliable and quality exporter of Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh has granted “CIP” status to HAMKO from 1991/1992 for its export achievements. Till date, HAMKO has received eleven (11) National export trophies (9 Gold + 2 Silver). Since inception HAMKO has on an average exported annually 20.42% of country’s total export.

Awards for Export
Total Export Share

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