HAMKO, a household and trusted name today started its journey back in 1978 with the establishment of Abdullah Battery Company Limited by its founding chairman Mr. Abdus Sattar Taludker. With an aim to pioneer in the battery and accumulator industry, HAMKO set its journey with the principle of quality and customer at the core. 

HAMKO has become a respected name through quality products, innovative solutions and humble service HAMKO has spread its wing in other sectors like household plastic products, kitchenware, Aluminum Product and household electrical products.

The products of HAMKO are so qualitative that it could easily take the place of the foreign products competing with them and can saving our foreign currency by reducing import. After fulfilling the domestic demand, HAMKO has exported to USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia, England, Netherlands, India etc. and earning foreign currency. Thus the contribution of HAMKO is increasing to the national economy day by day it is playing a vital role in socio-economic development of the country.

The same core values of HAMKO have enable the group to grow from a small venture from a southern part of the country to a renowned conglomerate of the country contributing to the growth of the robust economy.

HAMKO started with a few people in 1978 and now the number of workers, production and marketing experts are more than 3000 nos. and day by day expand the project under acute supervision of Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud (Managing Director). In the meantime, HAMKO Industries Limited has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certificate and other awards for its quality products and sound working environment in the factory.

HAMKO has been awarded The Industry Business Award-2010 as the best Household Product Manufacturer in Bangladesh for its outstanding contribution in the field of import-substitute product manufacturing.